Why Us

Eurrican Constructive Designs provides creative, personalized designs and services, tailored to your specific needs. We listen to your needs and work with you to develop ideas that help you meet your goals. We don’t try to fit your needs into an “off-the-shelf” programs. Instead, we look at your strategies, goals, budget and plans so that we can develop innovative designs that will help you reach your targets. We take pride in offering our clients truly personalized service. When we partner with you, our team becomes an extension of yours. We “dig in” and learn about your unique ideas in order to help you achieve highly customized plan. We strive to be responsive and flexible because we know your time is valuable and we want to deliver the best results. As you consider implementing a new development to your home or business , please contact us so that we can partner with you to create innovative solutions that deliver the best results.



Mission Statement

Projects (depending on size) have a fully equipped on-site field office with copiers printers, fax-telephone, and computers networked to the main office. That's how the field supervisor keeps completely current and keeps everyone else apprised of progress. Our field supervisors are responsible for the day-to-day operation of the job site, scheduling manpower and coordinating the subcontractors, deliveries and material inventory, and ensuring job site safety and cleanliness. There is a weekly meeting at each job site between supervisor, project manager, architect and any of the suppliers involved in the current phase of the project.

From inception to completion, the field supervisors make absolutely sure the project is conducted according to Eurrican's rigorous standards, the architect's or designer's requirements and to the complete satisfaction of your expectations.

At Eurrican Constructive Design, our goal is to build the best possible relationship with you, with the communities in which we serve and with our environment. All of these components are essential in order to achieve a successful outcome with any construction project.

Customer Service

About Our Company


Eurrican Constructive Design thanks you  for your interest. We are a company of people that love to build and have come together from a variety of backgrounds, all with the common interest of providing works of timeless craftsmanship, regardless of scale or scope. In addition, we have a good time doing it and enjoy a level of professional camaraderie rarely seen in businesses today. We are a full-service building company that employs the best qualified personnel .

In addition to the new construction and restoration of residential and commercial flooring, Eurrican Constructive Design also provides services including renovations, additions, cabinetry, custom woodworking, wall covering and floor covering. With all our work we provide a high attention to detail, schedule and project budgets. Eurrican Constructive Design takes great pride in making sure our buildings are well crafted and will endure the tests of time. We likewise take just as much pride in making sure our projects are well managed and that the building process is transparent, satisfying and enjoyable for our clients. Our team works hard to develop detailed and accurate budgets, and  carefully tracks these budgets throughout the project. It is important to us that our client relations, like our buildings, endure the test of time.

Working with a spectrum of general contractors, architects and designers, we are conscientious about our building practices and endorse green building methods. We pride ourselves on providing our clients with budget and schedule certainty along with the ability to self perform, all while providing an industry-leading commitment to safety.

Our time-tested management procedures are designed specifically to streamline and expedite our projects so that your residence is ready on time and within budget. Knowledge and communication are vital and our project managers have the best tools at their fingertips with the custom programmed Eurrican Constructive Designs computer network. Project managers and all of the people and processes they coordinate are kept completely current with online change orders, meeting minutes, emails, correspondence, purchase orders, schedules, specifications and much more in our digital system. Eurrican Constructive Designs project managers are responsible for hiring subcontractors, purchasing plumbing fixtures, hardware and appliances, interacting with the architect and client, as well as their fundamental obligation to ensure quality and cost control.

"On any project,
we always shake
hands on the way in.

More importantly,
we shake hands on
the way out, too."

Project Management

Field Supervision 

The high level of competence of our full time, fully computerized estimating department means that your budgeting and pricing needs are fully served. Our professional estimating team provides material, labor and equipment lists for each trade broken out by CSI codes. Each plan is carefully reviewed for the completeness and accuracy of their estimates. A specialty of this department lies in its capacity to include “value engineering“ options and prices in its estimates, at the request of the architect, designer or owner. With unfinished drawings, the estimating department can produce conceptual estimates/budgets, while completely engineered drawings are used for firm proposals.

Our prospective clients receive an easy to read proposal that contains a total amount for each area of construction. Those area totals are further itemized into all of their component costs. It's our way of ensuring that you can make informed choices without experiencing any hidden surprises. Prospective clients and architects often compliment us on the level of detail of our internally prepared documents and express their appreciation for how easy the proposals are to present because of this quality.

A significant number of our clients are repeat customers who have selected us on several occasions. This level of customer loyalty is a satisfying reminder that our fundamental value of providing superb customer service is appreciated. When our client needs something, we do our very best to deliver swiftly and without excuses. Such a strong customer focus drives us to maintain total follow through on all our responsibilities. It is our primary aim to leave clients completely satisfied. An informal test we conduct is to ask ourselves upon job completion whether it would earn our client's recommendation to a family member or close friend. The answer lies in the tremendous growth we have experienced through word of mouth. Our clients know that their expectation of attentive service will always be met. We invite you to share the special relationship that our clients enjoy with the people of Eurrican Constructive Designs.