Laminate flooring offers the look of real wood without hardwood flooring’s susceptibility to

warping and swelling from humidity and moisture. Laminate flooring is usually constructed with a high-density fiberboard core that is sandwiched between a melamine laminate backing and a high-quality photographic paper with an image of wood and a melamine laminate top. Unlike engineered wood flooring, laminate flooring contains no actual wood even though it does provide a pretty good simulation. Because they don’t warm or swell like hardwood and engineered wood, laminate flooring is a good alternative for bathrooms and basements. They are also generally scratch resistant,  if needed, replace entire planks. That’s why if you have children or pets, hardwood or engineered floors may be a better choice in the long run for heavily traffic areas. Of course, since laminate floors never need polish or wax routine maintenance is quite easy—always a plus!

Nothing says sumptuousness and luxury like a hardwood floor. The rich grains of hardwood flooring are perfect complements to any décor—be it traditional or modern. Choose from domestic woods like oak, ash, birch, walnut, pecan, cherry, pine and maple or more exotic, imported woods like Brazilian cherry, teak or mahogany. Once you’ve chosen your material, you can then stain and finish the woods to harmonize with your home’s existing décor. You can even choose from different patterns like wide planks, narrow strips, or even parquetry whose squares are comprised of smaller pieces of wood that lend a distinctive pattern. (When individual parquet squares are damaged, you can replace the single square rather than an entire plank or section flooring.) Hardwood floors last for decades, are easy to clean, and they don't trap dust and pollen, which makes this kind of  flooring a great choice for allergy sufferers. If your floor does suffer a major scratch, you can always simply sand it out and re-stain for a beautifully restored look!

For kitchens, living rooms, entryways, bedrooms and family rooms, wood floors make a sophisticated choice. As a leading supplier in the home renovation industry we can deliver any type of flooring from any manufacturer.


Carpet Flooring Benefits

Ceramic tile

Ceramic tile is made from clay which is baked at very high temperatures, resulting in an attractive and very hard surface. Ceramic tile is a varied material, some types glazed with a layer of liquid glass, others left untreated for a more natural, rustic appeal. It is worthwhile learning about the right kind of ceramic tile to ensure that the type you choose is the one that is most appropriate for your installation. Overall, ceramic tile is very low maintenance, particularly in terms of keeping the surface clean. Ceramic tile retains virtually no dirt and can be kept clean with water and a damp cloth or mop. Ceramic tile is also naturally fire resistant and can actually help to maintain a structure in the event of a fire, making it popular choice of flooring material by the safety conscious.

Glass tile

Glass tiles have become wildly popular in recent years because of the latest technological breakthroughs in cutting and installation. Not only are glass tiles resistant to water, they are fabulous because of their potential to impart intense color and reflect light. In other words, glass allows you to harness the beauty of color and light in ways other products simply can’t; and it’s the ideal material for wet or constantly submerged areas. The most popular place to see glass tiles are in a kitchen backsplash, bathroom accents, showers, and even flooring. Eurrican Constructive Design takes glass tile mosaics to new heights with radiant colors and expert finishing. We offer varied patterns ranging from modern graphics to soft floral. Whatever your style, we can match a beautiful glass mosaic to your project.

Natural Stone

Natural Stones are quarried out of mountains or underground from all over the world and then cut into blocks. The various sized stone blocks are then transported to the cutting and finishing plants where the stones are cut into various sizes and shapes and then the face is finished into a polished, honed, flamed, brushed, hammered, etc. based on the customer’s specifications. One beautiful characteristic of natural stone is that there are no two pieces of natural stone alike. Some stones may have extreme variation in color and veining from tile to tile or slab to slab. This characteristic is common in many types of stone, and is part of the inherent beauty of using a natural product in your home or project.

Laminate Flooring

Engineered Wood flooring

Are you looking for the perfect flooring for your Residence or Commercial area space? Often referred as the fifth wall in any room, you floor is more than just the surface you walk upon; it’s a powerful design element that creates atmosphere and mood that can have a dramatic and lasting impact on your home’s overall design.

The perfect Californian flooring should reflect both the aesthetic and functional needs of you and your family or office area. For instance, different types of flooring have different durability levels and maintenance needs, making the ideal flooring, for say, a busy suburban family much different than what would work in for a chic Noho apartment. Whether you crave the warmth of hardwood, the easy maintenance of laminate flooring, the unique, hand-crafted look of ceramic tile or the natural look and sustainability of cork, there’s a flooring for every design and every function.

Contact Eurrican Constructive Designs Consultants today to find the perfect Californian flooring for your home. Your Eurrican Constructive Designs consultant will walk you through the ideal look for your chosen design and help you find a material that fits your lifestyle.

Provides warmth and comfort

Carpet provides actual thermal resistance, or R-value. In colder climates or seasons, it retains warm air longer, an energy conservation benefit. Carpet also provides a comfortable place to sit, play or work and gives a room an overall warmer feeling.

Adds beauty and style

You can choose from many thousands of carpet styles and colors. That means your ultimate choice will reflect how you want to personalize your living space. Carpet can be a neutral foundation, or it can be a focal point with vibrant colors and stronger bolder patterns and textures.

Softens slips and falls

Carpet is ideal for cushioning our footsteps, reducing slips and falls and minimizing injuries when falls do occur. Carpet provides safety protection for the whole family, but especially for toddlers and older individuals.

Reduces noise

Big screen TVs, speaker phones, computers and modern sound systems make our homes noisy places. Carpet helps absorb these sounds. Adding a cushion pad beneath your carpet reduces noise even further. Carpet also works as a sound barrier between floors by helping to block sound transmission to rooms below. And carpet on stairs helps mask the sound of constant foot traffic.

Wears well

Carpet will maintain its life and beauty for many years when properly cleaned and maintained. Learn to keep your carpet looking great over time by following these simple steps:

Preventative Maintenance — Protect your investment before problems occur.
Vacuuming — Keep carpet clean through regular vacuuming, the single most effective way to keep carpets clean.
Professional Cleaning — Have carpets cleaned professionally, a periodic must.
Spot and Stain Removal — Remember to use Approved products.

Carpet tiles

Carpet Tiles should be an option you consider when the time comes to design a new floor, Commercial or Residential space. Carpet tiles offer all the modern advantages of standard carpet with unique designs. For more than 50 years carpet tiles have been used in designing floors for both the home and workplace. Other common names for carpet tiles include module flooring or carpeting in a box. Even though they've been around for more than 50 years they are more popular in recent times due to their many advantages and lack of disadvantages.

Ceramic, Glass Tile and Natural Stone

Engineered wood makes a wonderful compromise for those who love the look of real wood but want something a little more durable. Engineered wood is made of thin sheets of a material like plywood glued together with a top veneer of solid wood and a laminate finish. More durable and stable than hardwood, engineered wood can easily be laid over concrete without warping, making it a reasonable choice for use in basements or any other room prone to moisture and humidity. The durable finishes reduce the risk of scratches, but if scratches do occur, engineered wood flooring can be sanded one to three times. (It’s a good idea to hire a professional sander, though, because it is quite easy to sand through the wood top to the plywood base.) Engineered wood is becoming more and more popular because of its stability, and, because it uses less valuable resources than traditional solid hardwood with its plywood base.

As the leading supplier in the home renovation industry we can deliver any type of flooring from any manufacturer. Please browse through our well-known engineered wood flooring manufacturers on this site to find the perfect floor for your home or office. If there’s something you don’t see here, just ask us and we’ll find it for you.

Hardwood Flooring